I’m Mark, and with passions for an eclectic mix of subjects, I try to find the time for writing about them at this website:

— Photography and art (I’m a photographer, often commissioned professionally as part of my job)

— Medicine and science (I’m an editor, writer, science communicator – especially for health and medical topics)

— Driving (I enjoy driving and love a good car, hate a bad one).

These interests do not make me a Jack of all trades. In fact they’re only three trades, and I’m a master of each – if I say so myself!

I’ll also scribble about many other topics here, often creative or scientific, that bring me over all opinionated but might not involve me professionally.

Health, medical, science

My professional work, mostly in the world of medical information, is rigorous when it comes to editing and publishing, and usually needs to be thoroughly unbiased. That’s brilliant, but it means I’m seeking a field day for opinion here.

My work is with this team at Green Ink. Also see my career in medical and health publishing from my CV at LinkedIn, with a number of editorial positions on national publications and experience as launch editor of major health and medical information websites. I’ve written a large body of medical information articles for medicalnewstoday.com, too.

I was awarded a distinction in 2017 for a PgCert on an MSc programme in science communication and engagement at the University of Edinburgh. I’m hoping I might find both the time and money to return to more of this.


Taking pictures wasn’t my first love, but it might be my last.

Have a look at just some of my pictures at photographsbymark.com or Flickr – a small selection since I still need to get so many more of my digital files up online, not to mention quite a lot of film slides and negatives in need of scanning…


Everyone has something to say about driving, often incorrect or heavily misguided by opinion.

I’m a keen car driver and worked part-time as a driving instructor during a self-employed stint in my editorial career. Scoring 98% under one of my ‘standards check’ while giving training, I still occasionally help people with their knowledge and abilities behind the wheel.

I might one day learn to drive a bus or juggernaut, and I’d love to throw a rally car round some empty mountain tracks.

I would never like to ride a powered bike in any setting other than a race track. I’ve ridden a moped round Cyprus and found the cornering ability lacking, and I’ve ridden pillion on a fast bike, and that was all the thrill I’ll ever need, and I’ve been on the back of a quite-fast-enough bike through Marrakesh, and that is all the trust in fate I ever want to expend.

Part of my drive (sorry) to write these entries is to keep my creative scribbling muscle in shape, but I also aim to get some sense into talk about driving. I’ll be heavily guided by my opinions, but I hope not misguided.

While you’re here

A little plug for my Dad’s textile art – Neil MacGillivray textiles: neilmacgillivray.co.uk

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